Designing and Decorating are two different things:

know how they differ!

The terms interior designer and interior decorator are more often used interchangeably. But that is not right. There are a lot of differences between a designer and a decorator. If you aren’t well aware of the differences between the two, you will not be able to pick the right person for your house or any of your constructions.

Interior designers:

interior designing

Interior designing is a profession by itself. They enroll themselves in proper schools that teach designing and go through formal training. They are technically sound enough to work with other professionals like engineers, architects and construction contractors.
Designers can work better with the spatial planning. They do not focus only on the look of the house, but on the functions of the house as well. They make sure that every corner of your house is optimally used and that you are making the fullest use of
all the facilities that your house can support. Interior designers can simply dismantle and reassemble the basic planner of your house.
Designers are not just equipped to work with house renovations. They can also plan a health care, cubicles in MNCs and even schools. They help you to customize your building as peryour desire and liking.

Interior decorators:

Interior decorators

Decorators do not need formal schooling. Though they do not go through formal training, they need to get themselves trained under someone who is skill and experience in the same line of work. They do not take part in the structural planning of the building because their role comes only after that. They work to improve the appearance of the house.
Decorators do not create new spaces. They simply work in the spaces that already exist. In simple terms, a decorator’s role begins only when a designer’s role ends. They add an aesthetic sense to the building that is already constructed and designed,so they are mere decorators.

A fading line:

However, at the present times, there is hardly any difference between a designer and a decorator.
Decorators are now keeping themselves updated with the technical aspects of a building and can work at par with a designer. Today designers and decorators can even work together in improvising the look of the house or any building. But a professional is always a professional you cannot take the structure of your house for granted. Now that you know the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator, improve your staffing skills and try to pick the right person for the right job.